Qarnot Computing


Today, datacentres account for more than 16% of the digital carbon footprint, which itself accounts for 2% of the total carbon footprint at the national level. The energy required to operate datacentres produces a significant amount of heat that is often inevitably lost. This so-called “waste heat” is, in most cases, recoverable and can become a significant source of energy savings.

Qarnot Computing has developed an innovative ecological heating solution called “digital boiler”, encompassing both IT servers and mechanical equipment, to recover waste heat from datacentre activity.

To accelerate the development and industrialization of its eco-responsible datacentres, ADEME Investissement, alongside other shareholders, supported Qarnot Computing’s fundraising in January 2023. In addition, a partnership between ADEME Investissement, Demeter and Qarnot Computing has been put in place to create a financing vehicle to accelerate the deployment of future Qarnot infrastructures on a large scale.



France/ Europe



Energy efficiency



Société Générale Ventures, Demeter, Colam Impact and Banque des Territoires.



Total size of the transaction (fundraising and partnership for the creation of a financing vehicle) amounts to €35 million.



January 2023: corporate fundraising

End of 2023: creation of the financing vehicle



Qarnot Computing’s innovation:

  •  Significantly reduce energy consumption of data centers by eliminating the use of auxiliary equipments to cool them;
  • Limit the depletion of resources (water, air, soil etc.);
  • Produces a low-carbon heat source installed as close as possible to places where heat is needed.