Created in 2011 at Guérande, GEPS Innov is the holding company of the GEPS group, a group specialised, on the one hand, in designing innovative, energy autonomous floaters capable of collecting data at sea or of providing clean energy supply services through its subsidiary, GEPS Techno, and, on the other, in marketing services based on these infrastructures through dedicated subsidiaries.

ADEME Investissement and GEPS Innov have joined together within the company FABIX to acquire and subsequently lease to GEPS’ subsidiaries, through framework leasing agreements, a portfolio of floaters designed by GEPS Techno.






Offshore renewable energies, blue economy



Partner in FABIX‘s capital: GEPS Innov

Bank partners: arrangement by CIC Ouest and Crédit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique Centre Ouest.


Total amount of the transaction

Equity funding: € 20 M

Bank financing: € 36.9 M comprising definite line of € 16.9 M and an additional non-confirmed line of € 20M


% of the company capital held by ADEME Investissement

45 %



Closing on 29/09/2023


Expected long term impacts 

  • Substitution of plastic diesel measuring floats by aluminium multi-source floats using renewable energies (sun and wave)
  • Indirect: contribution to the development of offshore wind parks and improved environmental monitoring of offshore energy installations
  • Creation of 30 jobs between now and 2030 within Akrocéan
  • Creation of 50 jobs between now and 2030 within GEPS Techno and its subsidiaries