ADEME Investissement,Mirova and Fondaction invest €60 million in SOFIAC to improve the energy efficiency of businesses in France

ADEME Investissement is proud to participate in the launch of SOFIAC France, alongside Mirova and Fondaction. Together we are investing €60 million in equity to improve the energy efficiency of businesses in France.
SOFIAC France is an innovative platform for third-party financing of energy efficiency projects throughout France, aimed at SMEs, ETIs and industry. SOFIAC provides a turnkey service, coordinating studies, financing, works and monitoring of energy efficiency projects. SOFIAC’s customers become the owners of the equipment without having to pay for it, while benefiting from guaranteed energy savings. Contracts can be for periods of up to 15 years. A great opportunity for players in the industrial and tertiary sectors to improve their energy costs and their environmental and extra-financial performance!

This transaction was conducted by Clarisse Vray, Yoann Usseglio and Nicolas Stephan. ADEME Investissement would like to thank its advisors:
– Technical advice: ADEME (Frédéric Rosenstein)
– Legal advice: BCTG (Catherine Dupuy, Alain de Rougé, Thibaut Magerman, Alexandra Carpentier) and Bird & Bird (Carole Bodin, Olivier Perronnau and Jasmine Javault)
– Strategic advice: Corporate Value Associate (Jean d’Hérouville)

We would like to thank our partners for their confidence, Mirova (Philippe Zaouati, Raphaël Lance, Witold Marais, Elvire de la Fresnay, Vincent Taouss Theophile Grand), Fondaction (Louis de la Haye Duponsel), Econoler (Pierre Langlois, Jean-François Montreuil), Fondaction Gestion d’Actifs (Marc-André Binette, Marc-Antoine Renaud, Guillaume Orianne) and SOFIAC France (Stéphane le Gentil, Anne Ouimet and Laurent Dilouya).