ELECTRA Indé-AssetCo


Electra aims to be a pure player in electric mobility, developing, co-financing and operating ultra-fast recharging infrastructure in urban and suburban areas for private and business customers.

Typical stations are made up of an average of 4 charging stations with 2 charging points delivering between 150 and 300 kW.

Electra and ADEME Investissement have joined forces to create an AssetCo to develop, co-finance and operate ultra-fast charging stations in peri-urban areas close to major cities.  The partners’ objective is to finance 300 charging points within 3 years.



France – suburban areas close to major cities



Company name: Electra Indé-Invest AssetCo

Equity stake: Electra (55%) – ADEME investissement (45%)


Financial commitment of ADEME Investissement

€10 million



The deal closed in December 2022.


Expected impacts

  • Electric vehicles emit no exhaust pollutants (including NOx (nitric oxides), which are still a problem in several French cities).
  • The deployment of electric vehicles is consistent with the objective of limiting the health impact of car use and the introduction of low emission zones.
  • Electric vehicles also have the advantage of being silent at low speeds.