Zeway has developed a long-term rental service for electric scooters with battery swapping, enabling the scooter to be recharged ultra-fast in less than a minute, thanks to a large number of battery swapping stations located throughout the city. Initially based in Paris, Zeway plans to roll out its offer in other French and European cities. Zeway is also forging partnerships with manufacturers to integrate batteries into third-party scooters, making them compatible with recharging infrastructures.



France, Europe



Transport and sustainable mobility.



Demeter, Banque des territoires, Allianz, NCI, Matmut.


Total size of the transaction

€27 million.



Closing took place in March 2023.


Expected impacts

Replacing combustion scooters with electric scooters has a direct impact on air pollution and CO2 emissions.

In addition, Zeway’s rental model makes it possible to:

  • make manufacturers responsible in the long-term for the quality and repairability of their products, and
  • extend the life of batteries by recharging them slowly and appropriately.

In the medium term, Zeway’s development will create a French and European leader in two-wheeled mobility, creating a large number of jobs in France.



Since then, Zeway has expanded its rental offer to Nice and Bordeaux.

Project news

Since then, Zeway has expanded its rental offer to Nice and Bordeaux.