Dijon Métropole Smart Energy (DMSE)


The objective of the DMSE project is to develop an offer for the production and distribution of low-carbon hydrogen by electrolysis to supply the entire network of buses and household waste dumpsters in Dijon Metropole as well as private vehicles.

The project consists in building two stations. The first station, with a start-up capacity of 1 MW, will be commissioned by the end of 2024. Different electrolysis units and capacities are planned and are correlated to the acquisition of buses.



Dijon (France)



Production and distribution of low-carbon hydrogen



  • Shareholders: Dijon Métropole, ENGIE Solutions H2, IntHy (ex Rougeot Energy) and ADEME Investissement
  • Subsidies: Région Bourgogne Franche-Comté, ADEME
  • Banks: Crédit Agricole, Banque des Territoires
  • Equipment supplier: McPhy


Financial commitment of ADEME Investissement

10 % of share capital



Q4 2023: commissioning of Dijon North


Expected impacts

  • Contributing to the development of a new economic sector, based on the local production of low-carbon hydrogen and sustainable mobility,
  • Contributing to local energy independence,
  • Creating sustainable local jobs in the operation and maintenance of the stations,
  • Improving air quality,
  • Reducing noise pollution.