TLS Geothermics


Geothermal energy is one of the few sources of renewable energy that is permanently and continuously available and therefore represents a complementary energy source to other renewable energies for the transition to a low-carbon energy mix. Depending on the depth of the deposits and the heat released, there are different types of geothermal heat recovery methods (surface, low temperature, or high temperature).

TLS Geothermics is an expert in geosciences and develops deep geothermal projects for all types of applications (generators, heat, cold, recovery of metals including lithium, etc.). TLS Geothermics has developed an innovative approach deployed on sites with geothermal potential without surface manifestation in so-called crustal fault zones.

In order to accelerate the company’s development, ADEME Investissement, alongside Noria, participated in the fundraising for a total amount of €13.3 million in July 2022.


France (including overseas), US, Germany



Geothermal energy





Size of the investment

The fundraising amounts to €13,3 million.


July 2022: closing of the transaction.

Expected impacts

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improvement of the French energy mix
  • New opportunities for strategic metal mining
  • Jobs creation