ENOGIA Asset Industry


Creation of a joint venture between ADEME Investissement and Enogia to finance and operate ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) waste head recovery equipment to ensure its availability to Enogia’s industrial customers.

This company is 55% owned by Enogia and 45% by ADEME investissement. Enogia Asset Industry’s total investment potential is set at a maximum of €15 million, which will enable it to finance between 70 and 80 energy efficiency projects over 5 years.

Enogia and ADEME Investissement are committed to financing Enogia Assets Industry to the extent of their mutual shareholding in its capital, and as and when it develops commercially.






Energy efficiency





Size of the investment

€15 million



Closing took place in June 2022.


Expected impacts

  • Promote a competitive solution for the production of carbon-free electricity from currently unused sources of waste heat,
  • Partial replacement of fossil fuels for certain applications on isolated sites (generator sets),
  • 50 jobs based in Marseille, with an ambitious recruitment plan over the next 5 years (between 150 and 200 additional jobs).