ETC is an equipment manufacturer positioned as a supplier of integrated technical energy efficiency solutions for the industrial sector. ETC has developed Ecostock®, a system for storing and re-injecting waste heat from intermittent or continuous variable-load furnaces using clean flue gases at temperatures of between 300°C and 600°C.

To speed up the commercialisation of this ground-breaking innovation, ADEME Investissement is participating alongside other shareholders in the financing of a €30 million ad hoc vehicle, “ETC Invest”, to offer future customers a deconsolidating third-party financing solution. AssetCo will purchase equipment from ETC and provide energy services to industrial customers. This solution is expected to be ETC’s main sales channel.






Energy efficiency in the industrial sector



ETC, Rgreen Invest (fonds Infragreen IV), Qair Innovation, Johes


Financial commitment of ADEME Investissement

€5 million.



The transaction closed in July 2021.


Expected impacts

  • Promote a robust solution for recovering waste heat that is not currently used by industrial customers,
  • The energy payback time (the time required for the Ecostock® to pay for the energy used in its manufacture) is 4 months,
  • The life cycle analysis of the solution is satisfactory in terms of the materials used to build the Ecostock® and the environmental impact of the reused heat,
  • ETC works with a number of French subcontractors and suppliers,
  • The introduction of AssetCo could help secure the recruitment of around 40 FTEs by 2025.