Our missions

To be a public tool, alongside private investors, for the equity financing of innovative infrastructure projects in the sphere of ecological and energy transition.

The ecological transition our economies have to go through entails, in particular, bringing to market and installing innovative technologies, hardware, and solutions. Though a decisive stage in the process, the commercial implementation of these innovations and the first phase in their deployment is often considered too risky by conventional sources of financing.

Created in December 2018 under the Programme d’investissements d’avenir (PIA) (Investment for the Future Programme) now part of France 2030, directed by le secrétariat général pour l’investissement (general secretariat for investment), ADEME Investissement aims to alleviate these funding difficulties. The corporation, owned 100% by the State, is endowed with a fund of 400 million euros.

Our mission is two-fold


To support the implementation and deployment both on French territory and abroad of innovative solutions developed or industrialised in France.


To prime the pump for complementary private investments

Key figures

400 M€

Investment capacity


100% state-owned

2 M€ - 40 M€

Target investment ticket

< 50%

Minority holding